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Sean McBride

Sean is an engineer and product designer working at Adobe on Typekit in San Francisco. He joined Typekit in July 2010, where he has worked on improving browsing for fonts on the site, using fonts with third-party tools, and optimizing the delivery of fonts to browsers. He’s happiest looking for opportunities at the intersection between user experience constraints and technical constraints. Before Typekit, Sean worked at Google in Mountain View as a user experience designer and web developer. He built prototypes for the Google Apps control panel, in-product help, Buzz, and finally Google+. He enjoys exploring San Francisco restaurants and cocktails.

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More Than Type

TYPO San Francisco 2013, April 12, 2013, 10:00 am (Screening Room)

The typographic landscape on the web today would have been unrecognizable to a designer in 2009. “Web-safe fonts” were the rule of the land, and web fonts were a technical eccentricity, hobbled by problems with licensing, availability, and technology. From that environment, Typekit set out to build a business bringing commercial type to the web, and in the four years since then, the industry has tackled those problems. But in the process, Typekit discovered that their customers needed more than just access to good type. Sean will tell the story of how Typekit has approached those broader customer needs, and the successes and mistakes made along the way. The impact touches every aspect of Typekit’s business, from the way they sell the product to how they do editorial and support. Type has finally arrived on the web; now we must give customers the confidence to use type well.