Corinna Sy: Eine Zukunft bauen

Wenn Corinna Sy von „ihren Jungs“ spricht, dann meint sie Maiga, Moussa, Ali, Saidou und Malik. Fünf junge westafrikanische Männer aus Niger und Mali, die durch das gemeinsam realisierte Modellprojekt „Cucula – Refugees Company for Crafts and Design“ neuen Halt im Leben fanden.

© Gerhard Kassner (Monotype)

Erik Kessels: Confusion makes the world go round

Erik Kessels is a true creative beyond the scope of categories. The passionate Dutchman is intrigued by the odds and absurdities of everyday life and knows well, how to turn them into catchy campaigns and successful publishing projects. At TYPO 2015 he takes his viewers on a joyful journey to the world’s worst hotel and weirdest photo albums.

Jan Sowa spricht über die Dialektik des Designs © Gerhard Kassner (Monotype)

Jan Sowa: Avantgarde und die Dialektik des Designs

Was hat Hegel mit Einstein, Duchamp und dessen Ready-made „Fountain“ (ein Pissoir) zu tun? Keine Ahnung? Jan Sowa weiß es – schließlich ist er Soziologe, Philosoph und Design-Kritiker oder, wie er sich selbst nennt „a dialectical materialist cultural theorist“. Nicht zu verwechseln mit Terrorist. Das ist ihm wichtig.


Martha Kelly Schumann: “Kindness Doesn’t Scale (or, lies an Engineer told me)”

Martha Kelly Schumann began her career as an artist and holds a BFA in Graphic Design in Alabama where she grew up. During the summer of 2012 she pursued her interest in computers by attending a 3-month program at the Hacker School in NY where she fell in love with programming. She is now a software engineer at Uber and the founder of LadiesHackDay—a meetup for women of all skills and ages to build radical things together.

Kadri, Meena_Original

Meena Kadri: Indo-centric, Typo-centric: Hand-lettered Typography of the Streets of India

Signs on urban streets of India represent a diverse graphical expression. Meena explores the history, influences, and characterists of contemporary typography of streets of India. When encountering the Indian streetscape, one is struck by the diversity of competing signs. India lacks a shared language so the signs are to decoded by a diverse population. Different regional identities are apparent through graphic styles.

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