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Amöben Preview

Amöben-Paket zu gewinnen! // Amoeba Culture Bag to win

Gewinne eins von zwei TYPO Berlin 2016 Design Packages, inkl. TYPO Bag, TYPO Amöbe und dem Buch „Amoeba Culture“ von der Designerin und Künstlerin Steff Stefanidad. (Das Gewinnspiel ist beendet) // Win one of two TYPO Berlin 2016 design packages, including TYPO Bag, TYPO Amoebe and the book “Amoeba Culture” by the designer and artist Steff Stefanidad. (The lottery is closed)

Typo Berlin 2016 "Beyond Design"

Katrín Ólína: Denktypen

Katrín Ólína ist schön. Auf jene von innen herrührende Art, die sich in der Gesamheit der fragmentieren Komplexität des Seins zeigt. Es ist die Schönheit jenseits der Oberfläche, jenseits von Gender und jenseits von Design (und dennoch sehr nah).

© Norman Posselt / Monotype

Katrín Ólína: Types of Mind

Katrín Ólína is a beautiful mind. Of the kind that unfolds from within, that occurs through the wholeness of the fragmented complexity of being. It is the beauty beyond the surface, beyond gender, and beyond design. (and yet very close)

© Gerhard Kassner / Monotype

Tobias Frere-Jones: The Mechanics of Reading

Tobias Frere-Jones has spent the last 25 years crafting letterforms, setting type and agonising over the smallest of details. He’s designed some of the most widely used typefaces of our time, including Interstate, Poynter Oldstyle, Whitney, Gotham, Surveyor, Tungsten, Retina and more recently, Mallory. With the ever-changing nature of web, he talked through renewed strategies to improve legibility for digital experiences.

Typo Berlin 2016 "Beyond Design"

Brosmind: 10

The two brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro take us on an eclectic odyssey through their work, their beginnings, their connection as brothers and their approach to creativity.

The jury of the first TYPO16×Adobe Portfolioshow: Vera-Maria Glahn, Isabel Urbina Peña, Matteo Bologna (from left to right). © Sebastian Weiß / Monotype

TYPO16×Adobe Portfolioshow

Almost 200 designers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland submitted their portfolios to compete in the first ever TYPO16×Adobe portfolio show. Five contestants made it into the finale and faced the critical questions of jury members Matteo Bologna, Vera-Maria Glahn and Isabel Urbina Peña.

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