Brand Talks

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The new TYPO programme segment »Brand Talks« will bring brands and agencies together onstage for the first time. Famous branding agencies – including Pentagram, Strichpunkt, Fjord, Peter Schmidt Group, KMS Team, Mutabor, Fuenfwerken and Olapic – appear onstage together with their clients and provide exclusive insights into current campaigns for re-branding or new visual identities. Case studies: Mastercard, Hilti, Škoda, DFL, dm-drogerie markt, Prinz von Hessen and many more.


Brand Talks is the new rapid talk format on the second conference day. After the keynote by London-based branding expert Michael Johnson (johnson banks), talks change in a 30-minute cycle. The final talk gives Thomas Müller, Head of Design and Innovation at Fjord with his summary “The End of Branding As We’ve Known It”. Moderator of the Brand Talks: TYPO programme director Jürgen Siebert.



  • 11:00 Keynote: Why the best brands are defined first, and designed second,
    Michael Johnson
  • 11:30 Škoda | KMS Team
    Stefan Büscher, Patrick Märki
  • 12:00 DFL/Bundesliga | Mutabor
    Thomas Markert, Heinrich Paravicini
  • 12:30 dm Drogerie | Oddity
    Julia Wolf, Simon Umbreit
  • 13:00 Mastercard | Pentagram
    Dagmar Nedbal, Justus Oehler
  • 13:30 (tbc) | Olapic
    (tbc), Jose de Cabo
  • 14:00 Break
  • 15:00 Keynote: Today’s Role of Color in Branding,
    Carola Seybold, Pantone
  • 15:30 (tbc)| Swyft
    (tbc), Evan Wray
  • 16:00 Audi | Strichpunkt
    Jochen Rädeker  and Thomas Michelbach(both Strichpunkt Design) will talk about their project with Audi
  • 16:30 Prinz v. Hessen | Fuenfwerken
    Donatus v. Hessen, Holger Schmidhuber
  • 17:00 (tbc) | Interbrand
    (tbc), (tbc)
  • 17:30 Hilti AG (tbc) | Peter Schmidt Group
    (tbc), Norbert Möller
  • 18:00 Closing talk: Fjord
    Thomas Müller, Head of Design & Innovation
Jürgen Siebert moderates Brand Talks on TYPO Show, 26 May 2017.

Jürgen Siebert moderates the Brand Talks in TYPO Show, 26 May 2017. Photo: Gerhard Kassner