Speaker of TYPO Berlin 2014



“Snask is a branding, design and film agency based in the heart of Stockholm. They are young, successful, bold, edgy and self-confident. They challenge the design industry by doing things differently. And that inspires and attracts, because if you combine young, successful, bold, edgy and self-confident, you get something people like or even want to become themselves.

Snask has been around for 5 years and is the perfect example of a new breed in the design world. Their international fame was built via blogs and by delivering entertaining keynotes at international conferences. Now they share how they think, talk, lie, kiss and tell. You will learn how to pee on yourself or tell pink lies and find out why making enemies is a good thing. Reading a design book has never been more fun and creative entrepreneurship has never been as inspiring as doing it the Snask way!” (Rudolf Van Wezel, founder of BIS Publishers and Frame magazine)

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Thursday, 15 May | 8:00 pm | Hall

Make Enemies & Gain Fans – The inspirational show about creative entrepreneurship

Language: English

What no one hates, no one loves. Every brand, agency and person needs to have enemies in order to gain fans. Coca Cola vs Pepsi, Ikea vs Expensive, Volvo vs Death, Superman vs Lex Luthor and so on. When being a creative entrepreneur its key to know how to build your brand, make a few enemies and millions of fans. This is SNASK’s tale of the road to success, rock star life and eternal happiness as  a creative.