Speaker of TYPO Berlin 2014

Holm Friebe

Holm Friebe

Holm Friebe is an economist, the General Manager of ZIA (the German “Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur”, which translates as “Central Intelligence Agency”) in Berlin and a Professor for Design Theory. He was one of the founders of Riesenmaschine.de, a weblog that has been awarded the Grimme Prize, and he invented the Powerpoint Karaoke format. In addition to his bread and butter job as branding and strategy consultant he has written several non-fiction bestsellers, including “Wir nennen es Arbeit” (2005), “Marke Eigenbau” (2008), “Was Sie schon immer über 6 wissen wollten” (2011) and “Die Stein-Strategie” (2013).

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Thursday, 15 May | 2:00 pm | Hall

The stone strategy – The art of doing nothing

Language: German

Permanent Change! That’s the order of the day. The smarter option, i.e. waiting and seeing, is being ignored. Blind actionism often triggers disasters, whereas poise and composure can guarantee your survival in the long run. Not doing anything is by far the most successful strategy: be it at the stock exchange, where Warren Buffett does not get rich by nervous gambling, but by waiting intelligently, or in politics, where Angela Merkel waits out – and keeps her position as the German Chancellor, or in communication, where silence is your most powerful weapon.