Speaker of TYPO Berlin 2014

Roger Law

Roger Law

Roger Law used to be famous. He was the evil genius behind the mocking caricature puppets of “Spitting Image”, the award winning satirical TV series  shown on UK TV from 1983–1996 and was franchised around the world, from Russia to the USA. When the satire bubble burst, Law did the decent thing and exiled himself to the Southern Hemisphere. He now makes ceramics in Jingdezhen, China’s “Porcelain City”. His ceramic work is as beautiful and witty as his caricature puppets were rude and ugly.

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Friday, 16 May | 7:00 pm | Hall

The Art of Theft (Originality is an Illusion)

Language: English

In this illustrated confession, satirist and artist Roger Law will reveal how and where he stole all his best ideas. He will also prove conclusively that originality is an illusion.