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Roland Stieger

Dominik Hafen, born in 1967, is a trained graphic designer. He teaches in Ravensburg and St. Gallen. Bernhard Senn, born in 1965, is a trained textile designer. Roland Stieger, born in 1970, is a trained typesetter. He studied CAS Type Design with Hans-Jürg Hunziker and André Baldiger at the ZHdK, teaches in St. Gallen, and holds workshops. All three participated in a further training course for typographers from 1990 to 1992, and went to found their studio TGG Hafen Senn Stieger in 1993.

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From the inside to the outside

TYPO Berlin 2013, 17.05.2013, 15:00 Uhr (Hall)

Typical for their design work is that they depart from the content, and then identify some (few) formal ingredients and their relations, in order to finally “capture” the content, which may take very different forms.