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David Demaree

David Demaree is a designer and programmer on the Typekit team at Adobe, where he focuses on user experience, data modeling, and generally trying to make customers happy. Since joining Typekit in 2011 David has led development of several big projects, including full-text search, integration into Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and localizing Typekit’s user interface. He’s also written for A List Apart and spoken about design and code at AIGA Chicago, RailsConf, and ChicagoRuby. Outside work, David enjoys taking pictures, drinking coffee, and complaining about things on Twitter.

Photo: Ryan Carver

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The weight of the web

TYPO Berlin 2013, 16.05.2013, 18:00 Uhr (Stage)

Just as print has evolved from simple movable type, gaining fidelity and power along the way, over the past thirty years the web has evolved from black text and blue hyperlinks to rich experiences and media delivered over broadband. But today, as more of our windows for consuming digital media are shifting to mobile devices and cellular networks, designers are at a strange new crossroads. How can we continue to move the web forward with more detailed imagery and longer, more ambitious content, while also delivering our work to a myriad of new platforms in a sustainable way? In this talk we’ll consider the web as a physical medium, constrained by bandwidth and device capabilities. But we’ll also look at the web as an adaptive medium, where our work can consist not only of pixels and words, but also metadata and instructions for displaying content across all kinds of devices.