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Honza Zamojski

Honza’s works are inspired by a number of complementary concepts such as chance, order, repetition and temporariness. He also looks for the small, almost trivial things which in his works then become key elements. He believes in the idea of conveying the most essential matters through the means of a clear and direct language without any traces of pathos, based on simple honesty.

“To make it work, you need to make it work,” states Honza, above all emphasizing that for him there is such a thing as a delightful creativity which derives its energy from a certain loss of energy. In fact, this process turns the artist himself into a perpetual mobile. In addition to his work as an artist, he was a co-founder of STARTER Association and Gallery (2005-2010) and now he runs a small publishing house MORAVA and is a curator of many exhibitions. In 2011 for the publication “Jak jsem potkal dábla” awarded a bronze medal in the competition for the ‘Most Beautiful Book in the World in 2010’, which accompanied the International Book Fair in Leipzig.

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How it’s made vol. 14

TYPO Berlin 2013, 18.05.2013, 17:00 Uhr (Stage)

During the “How It’s Made” lecture, with the help of an archaic piece of equipment, the overhead projector, Honza Zamojski (artist, curator and publisher) will describe and discuss the specific way in which the Morava publishing house has operated for the past three years. The most important feature of Morava’s “artists’ books” has been the collaboration between an invited artist and a designer/editor. Work on individual titles often lasts a full year, concepts change, and ideas are polished, until readers are given a substantial book that is truly a work of art. The analysis of particular stages of book creation: from the selection of artists, through the process of design and production, to issues connected with printing and sales of books, leads to a surprising and quite diabolical synthesis. Between dry facts based on several years of the publishing house’s activities, Honza Zamojski weaves elements originating from “Rosemary’s Baby”, and the lecture comes closer to performance art or stand-up comedy than a typical academic monologue. His appearance in Berlin will be the last in his “How It’s Made” lecture cycle (he has appeared so far at Centre Pompidou, MoMA Library, Printed Matter and Motto).