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Jacek Utko

Jacek Utko is a newspaper, magazine and web designer. He is currently the design director for Bonnier Business Press International, and is responsible for publications in Central Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. He has redesigned dozens of newspapers, magazines and websites in Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Pakistan. Newspapers are not his only area of interest; some of his other projects include the redesign of Lonely Planet travel guides in Australia. He has received almost 50 awards in various design competitions. Two of the newspapers he redesigned – Poland’s Puls Biznesu and Estonia’s Aripaev – were named “World’s Best Designed Newspaper” by the Society for News Design. He specializes in cover design, with two of his covers being named “Cover of the Year” in Poland three years in a row in the largest national competition. He has spoken at conferences in 26 countries around the world, such as Adobe Max, Online Publishers Forum, Icograda, World Newspaper Congress by WAN, AOP London, Festival of Journalism in Perugia, SND, and many more. In 2009 he was a speaker at the TED conference in Long Beach with his famous talk: “Can Good Design Save Newspapers?”

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Print vs Digital

TYPO Berlin 2013, 17.05.2013, 12:30 Uhr (Hall)

Jacek Utko concentrates on design strategies for 21st century: Is printed media going to die? If not, what will printed media look like in few years? Are magazines the only salvation for newspapers? What design and editorial ideas will work and what will not? Who or what is killing newspapers? Why young readers hate print? Why editors are so lazy? Why designers don’t understand their role? Why websites will not replace newspapers? What must web learn from print? What design trends will change the landscape of tomorrow’s media? Will application designers rule in the future? What platforms will dominate? What media in Poland and Central Europe do better than in the West?