TYPO Berlin 2013 Touch
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Erik van Blokland

Erik van Blokland

Type Designer, Programmer (The Hague)

Working with designspaces, writing, reading, generating and doing some analysis.

Talk: English
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Raw TypeCooker

TYPO Berlin 2013, 18.05.2013, 14:00 Uhr (Stage)

Typecooks van Blokland and van der Laan will quickly blanche, filet and slice the recipes sketched by TYPO guests at the conference. Hand in your drawings before the talk

Talk: English
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FontFont TypeBoard let loose on stage

TYPO Berlin 2013, 17.05.2013, 13:00 Uhr (Nest)

For the first time in its history, members of the FontFont TypeBoard will be let loose on stage at TYPO Berlin to critique, commend and appraise typefaces in public. In the inaugural FontFont TypeReview, you have the chance to get your work judged by the likes of Erik Spiekermann, Erik van Blokland, Stephen Coles, Andreas Frohloff, Jürgen Siebert and Ivo Gabrowitsch.

In a fun and fast-paced hour, members of the official FontFont TypeBoard will assess and review entries. It’s a golden opportunity to gain invaluable advice, tips and feedback as to how to develop your typeface further and to hear from some typographic heroes.

If you would like for your typeface to be publically judged at TYPO Berlin, please come along to the Info Counter on Thursday 16 May with a sample/specimen of your typeface to hand it in. The FontFont TypeReview will then take place the following day, Friday 17 May at 13.00 in the Nest. Due to time constraints, although we’d love to see a full family (if you have one) you can also just enter one weight and style. Read more about it here: TYPOblog.