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Albert-Jan Pool

Albert-Jan Pool was born in Amsterdam in 1960, and studied Graphic Design and Typography at KABK in The Hague. He has lived and worked in Hamburg since 1987, first with Scangraphic and URW, later self-employed. He was a co-owner of FarbTon design agency for some time. But being a typographer is what Pool loves best: FF OCR-F, FF DIN, JET, Freenet, C&A, HEM, and other fonts. He has been teaching type design at the Muthesius School of Art in Kiel since 1995.

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Legibility according to DIN 1450

TYPO Berlin 2013, 18.05.2013, 15:00 Uhr (Show)

DIN 1450 so far has recommended grotesque type for everything but books, magazines or newspapers, which clearly contradicts the findings of experts dealing with the legibility of type. Albert-Jan Pool suggests building a bridge between the seemingly incompatible world of signage systems and print media, and shows how this idea influences the revision of the standard. This should help car drivers as well as readers of literature, package inserts, panels and others.