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Bernd Kolb

Bernd Kolb, former CEO with Deutsche Telekom, is a leading consultant and change agent today. He is the founder of the Club of Marrakesh, a global, interdisciplinary think tank to connect innovative change-makers, who develop new and sustainable perspectives for business and society.

In his lectures, Kolb analyzes the causes of the current crisis, and shows opportunities to constructively benefit from a new way of thinking and acting. Kolb manages to explain complex issues in an exciting and entertaining way, and, thus, triggers the enthusiasm his audience needs in order to eagerly join in.

Kolb inspires. He offers impulses for a new spirit of economic and social entrepreneurship, a creative, value-oriented, and innovative corporate culture, which implies the active collaboration of organizations and the positive power of imagination that each of us has. His speeches give hope and are an encouragement to understand the crisis as a chance, and to turn it successfully into new and sustainable worlds of living and working.

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Opportunities resulting from consequent thinking and acting

TYPO Berlin 2012, 17.05.2012, 14:00 Uhr (TYPO Hall)

The global society faces fundamental challenges, since it must prevent our ecological, economic and social systems from collapsing. Responsible entrepreneurship will drive the necessary change; innovative solutions imply comprehensive sustainability and new business opportunities.

The Club of Marrakesh is a global incubation network of interdisciplinary innovators and change-makers: Entrepreneurs, scientists, communicators, spiritual leaders, politicians and artists bring in their expertise and creativity. They develop and share new solutions and pragmatic visions with decisionmakers and influential civilians.

In his presentation, Bernd Kolb will focus on the development of new business practices, which are ethical and responsible, and apt to transform the way we think and act.