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Aart van Bezooyen

Aart van Bezooyen founded »Material Stories« in 2005 to consult industry, companies and agencies with materials thinking focused on innovation, branding and more sustainable design. Aart teaches and lectures material driven design at universities in The Netherlands, Germany and Poland. His inspiring collection of materials and things has just grown after exploring South America, Oceania and Southeast Asia for six months.

Talk: German
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It’s Not Easy Being Green: Around the World with Aart and Paula

TYPO Berlin 2012, 17.05.2012, 20:00 Uhr (TYPO Show)

It’s Not Easy Being Green is the title of a research project by designers Paula Raché (German) and Aart van Bezooyen (Dutch). They asked themselves: »What is the role of design in creating a more sustainable future?«, and left their studios for 184 days looking for answers and ideas from around the world. After a dozen countries and some culture shocks, they returned home with their minds and bags full of discoveries worth sharing. They look back at their journey and give a preview of their upcoming book.