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Presentations: Shows and Knowhow

TYPO conference speakers are innovative designers, professors, scientists, artists, and many other things as well. They present and discuss new trends and developments. Each TYPO has its motto and focuses on current themes, influences and debates.

Programme planning: MySchedule

Create your own programme after logging in to MyTYPO. Just click the little bubbles  to mark the talks as your favourites. You can access the data you’ve stored anytime on your smartphone.

Get Together: Networking

This is where designers meet: In addition to lunch and coffee/tea breaks, there are evening programmes and parties where you can meet interesting participants or speakers. TYPO has always also been a kind of job and contact exchange, a meeting point for young talents and established agencies.

Ranking: Rate the presentations

Give TYPO guidance: We want to improve, and you can tell us how. Rate the presentations you’ve seen and heard. Give us your feedback after the end of the conference. Tell us what speaker you would like to invite and we will try to make it happen.

Of practical use: Workshops

If your fingers need action between the presentations, go and join the TYPO workshops. Learn the basics of calligraphy or new creative techniques. Book on time and get involved!

Simultaneous translation

English is the official language of TYPO, but in Berlin we have all English presentations simultaneously translated into German and all German presentations translated into English.

Buy a ticket and see the videos

Most of the presentations are recorded. Ticket holders can access the videos of the booked conference after the event. Give us some time to edit the recordings.

Free WiFi during the TYPO conference

Still a lot to do? No problem. TYPO offers free-of-charge WiFi everywhere. Send your last e-mails of the week during a presentation in the hall, or find a place in the restaurant in order to work on your drafts.

Join the MyTYPO community!

A MyTYPO account is your key to make the TYPO yours. Become a member and get access to further videos and personalized functions.

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